Date Palm

The date palm is the most enduring symbol of the Sultanate's rich heritage, alongside the trusty camel, the vitalisingfalaj and other long-cherished aspects of traditional Omani life. It has been the main wealth of people in past generations, the fruit serving as a source of daily nourishment, with the branches and the tree trunk proving valuable in the creation of a great many things that have been an integral part of the Omani home and household.
Even today, date palm cultivation continues to be the mainstay of the vast majority of farmers in the Sultanate. Not only is it a source of income, but the pursuit of a tradition bequeathed by one generation to the next. The palm thus enjoys a near hallowed place in every farmer's consciousness. A good harvest would not only represent the fruit of his labour, but that of his father and possibly his grandfather before him as well, who planted the tree in the first place and nurtured it carefully duringits lifetime.
The most popular Varieties of Dates Grown in Oman are: