The Omani khanjar

The Omani  Khanjar" is the traditional, curved, defensive dagger worn centre belt by Omani men as a badge of office and as head of the family. Omani Khanjars are status symbols also worn by civic dignatories, heads of government, scholars of religion, VIPs and Omani ministers including the leader of the country.  The Khanjar is truly an " Iconic " Omani emblem. It forms an anchor role as Omans ethnographic weapon, alongside the famous Omani straight Sayf and curved Kattara Swords. In fact, at Fort Antiques, Swords and Khanjars are our speciality. 
The Omani Khanjar comprises several different parts: The Blade, Hilt, Scabbard, Belt and numerous accoutrements.
 A good Khanjar could be the combination of many parts made in different places, or, if the silversmith is broadly expert enough it could be from one all encompassing workshop. It is because of the simple interchangeability of parts that often allows owners to upgrade their khanjar and down the ages many weapons are thus enhanced.
Our gratitude to the hands that molded this product and a great appreciation for your support to maintain our valuable heritage.